Lovers From Iloilo Attempt to End Their Lives By Drinking Poison-Leave a Message to Buried Them Together!

STAFF 11:16 AM

According to a report by RMN Iloilo, a local girl, 15, and her boyfriend, 17, attempted to take their own lives by drinking poison.

 Luckily, both survived but ended up in the hospital and are recovering in good condition.
The girl’s father, Eduardo said he only knew about the attempt after his daughter—through her boyfriend’s cell phone—texted him about their plans and requested that their bodies be buried together.
He said he was baffled why his daughter and her boyfriend would do such a thing. According to him, there was no reason for both of them to take their lives because their relationship was accepted by their families.
He added that her daughter whom he said was very well-loved by their family showed no peculiar behavior before the incident took place.
For those suffering from depression and are thinking of taking their own lives, please reconsider. Your life is too precious to be set aside.

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