Yes, remember the name Edward Mordrake, because he may be the only man who walked on earth who had two faces. It is “had” because he lived during the 19th century.

Stories of people with ghoulish and bizarre  faces or those with disfigured bodies have enchanted mankind for centuries. You may have witnessed or heard of conjoined twins or those with eight arms, but this may be the first time you have heard of a person who actually had two faces.

Well, there really was no picture of the exact Edward Mordrake, but legends have it that he lived in England and that he literally had two faces.The weird thing about his two faces was that one was located in front (the normal face), and the other one was at the back. So instead of looking at Edward’s hair whenever he is turning his back from you, you will be met by another face.

Whether that “back” face was smiling or one with a grumpy look, wasn’t exactly stated. The only story that survived was that Edward regarded his second face as akin to that of an evil person who whispers evil things into his ear.

According  to the stories, the distaste of Edward of his second face was so great that when he was 23 years old, he asked doctors to remove his second face, but he was refused by doctors. The reason? The doctors were afraid that if they remove the “back” face of Edward, they would suffer from some sort of misfortune.

Realizing that his only option was to take his own life, he did just that and left a note telling the world that when he dies, people should remove his second face as a means to prevent it from spreading evil in the world.


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