Must Read: OPEN LETTER Blasts De Lima Called Her "HYPOCRITE and DRAMA QUEEN".

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Read an open letter from Krizette Laureta Chu for Sen. Lelia De Lima whom she called "Drama Queen and Hypocrites.

Read the lines:
De Lima reminds me of that woman on the MRT who brandished her being female as a privilege.
For nearly a decade, De Lima libeled, slandered, and threatened Duterte, that she would expose his connection to the DDS.
She has done and achieved nothing of the sort. Mayor pa lang si Duterte non ha.
Now Duterte says she built a house for her driver/lover/bagman with drug money, and she cries character assasination? And feminists think Duterte shouldn’t say she has a lover? Eh kung yun yung bagman, bawal sabihin?
The President is establishing a connection.
Her immorality is not (just) about adultery or concubinage (If you really care about women, care too about the driver’s wife), but allegedly accepting drug money from drug lords.
She says, “Prove it,” and yet she herself has not proven all the libelous charges she said of then-Mayor Duterte, in all the years she had the power to do so. It doesnt make sense.
So, pag siya ang biktima, when she is on the receiving end of a tirade, it’s character assasination?
Pero pag sya ang nag salita, investigation? Pag sila ang nagpalabas ng advertisement against Duterte–using children, making them cuss– awareness campaign ang tawag don?
Hypocrites then; still hypocrites now.
If you’re willing to dish it, be willing to take it.
I cannot with drama queens who are fake feminists. Nahiya si Betty Friedan.
Uy, mahiya naman kayo sa tunay na feminists. Wag ganon.
The conversation (and the concern) is not if she has a boy toy–f*ck do I care–but that said boy toy is living in lap of luxury, care of drug money. Hope we’re clear about that.
PS: I wish Tolentino had enough money to ask for a recount because there is no way in hell that de Lima won her Senate seat fairly.
source: globalnews

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