Natural Antibiotics To FIGHT Infections That Can Be Found At Home

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Natural antibiotics can be found in our home. We are commonly using antibiotic therapies that we can buy in the drugstore for treating infections. Also using antibiotics can kill and decrease the growth of bacteria.

Using antibiotic for treatment needed a frequent use for every few hours to be effective. If antibiotic use is not consistent there’s a possibility that the bacteria may become resistant to the treatment.

Regular antibiotics contain both beneficial and non beneficial effect because it destroys the beneficial in our body. This medication leads imbalance to our body by destroying yeast in the intestine.

Using it to treat infections caused by bacteria sometimes can result to various intestinal disorders and food allergies.  An alternative to the regular antibiotics we can buy from the store there’s also natural stuffs that can also use to treat infections caused by bacteria.

This natural remedy does not contain anything that can cause damage but it is all beneficial and treats tissues in our body such as:


It has excellent anti fungal, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic properties at the same time it doesn’t destroy the healthy bacteria in our body.

Apple-Cider Vinegar

It contains malic acid that fights viruses, bacteria, and fungi and has no negative side effects.


This home remedy is also used to treat flu and colds because ginger can rise up the body temperature that can cause sweating in our body which is good.


It boosts the blood circulation, soothes pain, and reduces inflammation it is also great for treating colds, flu, and cough.
These are only some natural antibiotics that can be found at home and there’s still many more.

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