Netizen called Pres. Duterte KJ and BADUY over the Ecstacy Issue "Just A Happy Pill For Him As A Teen.


A post of a netizen who goes by the alias Nuke GSM is now in the hot seat of social media sites after dismissing party drug ‘ecstasy’ as “just a happy pill” and not really hazardous.

He also called President Rodrigo Duterte “kj” or fun-spoiler and the Visayan people as “baduy” or out of fashion.
The controversial comment was actually in reaction to the report about the arrest of radio personality and model Karen Bordador and her boyfriend during a buy-bust operation that yielded P3-M worth of drugs, including ecstacy.
The comment was first shared by one Dan Christopher who said he was watching the news on Bordador’s arrest when he took notice of the netizen’s reaction.
The full comment read:  “pati ecstacy? napakakj naman ni Duterte. it’s just a party drug. hindi naman yan shabu. ambaduy niyo kasi ayaw nyo magparty kami mga teens na mas masaya. palibahasa those bisaya people are contented with barrio fiesta in their probinsya. hazardous ba ng ecstasy. it’s just a happy pill.”
The netizen’s disturbing comment drew a slew of negative reactions from social media users, who lambasted him for dismissing the drug as “just a pill” and not really dangerous.
“Hazardous ba ang ecstacy ? It will dehydrate you until your body becomes dry … Kaya namatay ung mga nagparty dun sa pasay overdose of this kind of drugs …” said one commenter; referring to an early incident in the Mall of Asia grounds where a number of people died in the middle of a concert, apparently from drug overdose.
“A neglected child? Or a spoiled brat… One thing for sure his brains has been damaged which is irreversible to treat with…” added another.
Others also criticized the netizen for generalizing Visayan people as ‘baduy’.
However, some commenters took pity on the ‘kid’ for his seeming ignorance about the dangers of ‘party drugs’ he described as not hazardous
source: kicker daily

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