New Form of HIV Transmission-Thru Manicure!-Be Aware!

STAFF 10:58 PM

A 22-year old woman, who doesn’t do unprotected s*x and definitely not a drug addict, was surprised one day to find out that she caught the dreaded HIV virus. Her surprise turned to disbelief when she discovered that she was infected by her HIV-positive cousin when they shared manicure equipment.

The doctors said that her case is very rare since “equipment sharing” is not the usual modes by which the HIV virus is transmitted. This type of transmission is now considered as the new form of HIV transmission.

When checked for risk factors, the doctors found that she has none. The most common way to get infected by HIV is having s*x without using condom. It can also be transmitted through needle sharing. Children can be infected during pregnancy, birth or through breastfeeding.

Basically, the virus is transmitted through body fluids. This would include sperm, blood, rectal fluids and vaginal fluids.

“This is a highly unusual case. It is often very difficult to be certain as to the source of an HIV infection – especially one that happened over a decade ago – and it is hard to imagine how HIV could be caught from manicure equipment,” said the doctor.

Although this is considered a rare case, it would still be best for people to find out if the manicure equipment they use is clean and free from the dreaded HIV virus

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