Parents Cry Out For Help For This Young Boy Who Suffered From 3rd Degree Burn..


In one Facebook page, a concerned netizen shared the condition of five-year-old Ronald from Binmaley, Pangasinan who got a third-degree burn from an accident.

Last year, the boy accidentally sat on a pan bubbling with hot oil that led to the closure of his anus.

Since he cannot defecate anymore due to what happened, he underwent a colostomy procedure.
The concerned netizen asked the administrator of the Facebook page to share what has happened to their son, as well as help since the income of both parents are not enough to sustain his medicines and provide him nutritious food.
The boy's parents peddle street food - fishball, Indian mangoes and occasionally dumplings - which can cover what they can eat on a daily basis.
The netizen who sent over the story, as it turns out, has witnessed the condition of the poor boy and wanted to help in a way that he or she could - through getting it in social media and hoping that others would help as well.
Help is not only being informed of someone's situation, but it is in taking action beyond the screen and doing something that would truly benefit the person in need.
There were those who said that Ronald's parents should bring up their son's case to President Rodrigo Duterte, who has been known to take immediate action on his promises or what has been raised to him.

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