Pres.Duterte Wants De Lima's Driver On The WITNESS STAND!


President Rodrigo Duterte isn't keen on prosecuting the driver of Senator Leila de Lima.

In fact, he wants the driver—who's also De Lima's alleged lover—on the witness stand.

"Baka maging witness ito against... Bakit ko ito kakasuhan? Marami akong gagamitin. Gagamitin ko ang preso, gagamiting ko ang lover niya, na driver niya," he told reporters in Camp Siongco in Cotabato City.
But the President did not elaborate on this statement.

Asked if he had the goods on De Lima, Duterte said, "Yes, I have. I already have."
"Pero killing me softly," he added before singing a part of the song with same title, indicating that he would reveal his evidence gradually.

In a speech delivered in Camp Crame on Wednesday afternoon, the President exposed a senator who kept on complaining about his anti-drug trafficking war by focusing on the extrajudicial killings.

But he said this senator herself had drug links through her married driver who happened to be her lover.
He even pointed out adultery insofar as the wife of the driver is concerned.

The said senator also linked him to the vigilante group Davao Death Squad years back, Duterte said.
While she was not mentioned in the speech, De Lima reacted and said the remarks reeked of character assassination.

De Lima had initiated a Senate probe on extrajudicial killings attributed to Duterte's war on drugs. The first hearing is scheduled on Monday.

Duterte then in a press conference revealed that he has been referring to De Lima all along.
In her own press conference Thursday morning, the senator said that Duterte's remarks was an "abuse and misuse of executive powers.

source: Gma news

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