Press Your Forefinger For 60 Seconds.The Whole World is Amazed By The EFFECT!!

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We all know that anytime we have a headache or other type of pain, our first option is painkiller or we seek for doctor’s advice. But, you won’t have to do this anymore, because we are going to show you effective and simple trick to get rid of the pain in your home, without taking any prescription drugs or painkillers. First, let me ask you a question – what it reflexology? Well, reflexology is a quite recent philosophy, at least in the Western world, which suggests that each part of the human body is linked to the hands. Here’s what you need to know about reflexology, your fingers and their relation to other organs and what to do in order to get rid of the pain.

Thumb – it’s related with the heart and the lungs. So, anytime you feel that you have an accelerated heart rhythm, you should rub your thumb and then you need to pull it. This will help you slow down your heart beat.

Forefinger – it’s linked with the colon and the stomach. This means that if you are suffering from constipation or abdominal pain, you should press your forefinger, and rub it for 60 seconds, and then you need to pull it. You will notice that your condition will improved significantly.

Middle finger – it’s related with the heart, small intestine, blood and respiratory system. So, each time you feel dizzy or sleepless, especially when travelling, stretch out your middle finger and rub it.

Ring finger – it’s related with your mood. Well, this means that whenever you feel depressed, massage your ring finger and you will feel much better.

Small finger – it’s linked with the kidneys, but also to the head and neck. So, anytime you have a headache or a pain in the neck, massage your pinkie and you’ll get instant relief.

Palms – they are related with the nervous system, so stimulating blood circulation in the palms can be extremely beneficial for your psychological health.

Clapping your hands is one way to do this. We really hope you enjoyed this article and if you experience any pain in your body, then you should definitely try this simple and effective trick. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.

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