PROUD: Lolang Mangagalakal,Nagsauli ng BAG na may lamang P 165,000- PANUORIN!!


Those who in need sometimes cannot be tempted with a thing they know that it never belongs to them, instead they find ways to return it, and feel much happy than spending it immediately.

Maria “Loleng” Lozano was out scavenging by herself when she found a black bag containing Php165,000 ($3,500). She could certainly use the money for food and whatever she and her family needs – and there was no around to claim the money or even accuse her of stealing it. She found it – and many others would have kept the money, if faced with the same situation.
Yet the scavenger grandma wasn’t tempted to take the money for herself. It would certainly have fed her family for many months and she wouldn’t have to go out and scavenge for items so they can eat yet this honest woman knew that the cash wasn’t hers and that, someone is surely looking for this money and could be in trouble for losing it!
So, she turned over the money to someone she knew she could trust to return it to the authorities: a former village chief she knew.
True enough, the village chief turned the money over to relevant authorities who revealed that it was the collection of a local cooperative that was misplaced and declared missing since Friday! It was surely a good thing that it was Nanay Maria who found the money and not some dishonest fellow, right?

source:definitely filipino

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