Reaction of Boyfriend Catches Netizens Attention While His GF Lost Her Step on The Edge of a Cliff!


A very special video was published on Reddit, you can witness a girl losing her step right on the edge of the cliff as she was preparing to jump.

 But what really attracted massive attention was not the falling girl herself, but the reaction of her boyfriend.

 Footage caused huge amount of comments blaming and absolving the boy.People blaming the boyfriend claim that he got two ways to cope with this situation, he could either try to pull her up preventing from falling at all or vice versa push her away from the rocks, so the girl will fall into the water without any scratches or wounds.

Of course there is another group of Internet users, who support the boy, explaining that his reaction was only natural and when everything is happening so fast most people wouldn't manage to help the falling girl just like the boy on the video.

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