Robin Wants Vina as Second Wife, What About Mariel?Did Vina Accept The Proposal??


Actor Robin Padilla  converted to Islam several years ago, candidly he told the press how he wants to take former flame and current leading lady Vina Morales to be his second wife.

What about Mariel?

Now, if ever he had plans on marrying Vina, how would his first wife Mariel Rodriguez react?
According to Robin, when she agreed to marry him, Mariel knew what she had gotten herself in; that he is a Muslim and is allowed to take as many as four wives, as long as his capacity allows.
As a famous actor, it is clear Robin has enough money for a large family.  In fact, technically, Mariel is not his ‘first’ family because she is not his ‘first’ wife.  He was married to Liezl Sicangco; although they later divorced.
Despite Mariel’s knowledge of Robin’s ability to take on more wives and his own admission that he wants to marry Vina, he admitted the answer still lies on his ex-flame.
So, did Vina accept the ‘marriage proposal’?
The actress laughed off Robin’s statement, teasing him that she thought he already changed his womanizing ways.  She advised him to keep staying as a ‘good’ guy and admitted how she would surely find it hard to live in a marriage where there are two wives.
source: kicker daily

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