Robredo Persuading FIL-AMS in US To Oppose Duterte? Whats Behind Robredo's Charming Smile?

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Leni Robredo the candidate from Liberal Party won the Vice Presidential Position Last May 2016 Election.

According to About-Stuff Blog "Behind Leni Robredo's charming smile is a woman determined to make Duterte's war against drugs, criminality & corruption fail."

It was there also stated "while Duterte is busy fighting the narco-politicians, drug lords, NPA, Abu Sayyaf, and other criminals, Leni Robredo is in the US convincing Fil-Ams to oppose the President's efforts to bring prosperity, peace and order in the country.

Why is Leni trying to convince Fil-Ams to oppose Duterte? Is it because they are not much aware to the present situation of the Philippine?
 They don't walk the streets at night fearing for their lives afraid that a drug crazed person might attack them.

"Leni is the Liberal Party weapon they will use to stab the President in the back so he will fail"blog post also stated.

The basis of the said blog posts was: ABS-CBN news article titled Robredo urges Fil-Ams to speak up on alleged human rights violations written by Lenn Almadin-Thornhill, and posted at Aug 10 2016 02:59 PM. The article is shown below.

PENNSYLVANIA - The latest number of drug-related fatalities under the Duterte administration since May 10, according to ABS-CBN's independent monitoring, is 889.
Despite criticisms and condemnations from human rights groups, and most recently from the United Nations, President Rodrigo Duterte vows to maintain his shoot-to-kill order against drug dealers.
The alarming number of killings and Duterte's crime-fighting approach have put him and Vice President Leni Robredo in a tenuous situation.
She has called on authorities to investigate those killings, and most recently, as she faced the Filipino-American community as vice-president, she urged people to speak up.
"Pero, I am just one voice. Even if I'm vice-president, I'm just one voice. I think media can do a lot as far as creating a mindset that this is not right," she said.
source: about-stuff


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