Teen Couple Arrested for Using Drugs Inside Laoag Hotel!


A couple, aged 19 and 16, were arrested after they were caught in the act using suspected shabu inside a hotel room, in Barangay 2, Laoag City on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The suspected were nabbed following the arrest of their roommate Rosalie Roldan, 41, in a buy-bust operation in a store across the hotel.

The police recovered from Roldan the P2,500 marked money used by the poseur buyer.

After Roldan was arrested she then asked to get her things in her room and was accompanied by police.

When Roldan opened the door, police were surprised to see the teen couple sniffing shabu.

Confiscated from their possession were three pieces of heat-sealed plastic sachets of suspected shabu, a straw used as an improvised scoop, four disposable lighters, scissors, and electric cigarette pipe.

Another roommate, a 19-year-old male, who was present during the illegal activity, was also arrested.

The teenagers are all out-of-school youths while Roldan is a laundrywoman.

Police claimed the 16-year-old girl sells drugs in Ilocos Norte.

The teenage girl has been referred to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and if found that she acted with discernment in using and possessing illegal drugs, she may face appropriate charges.

Aside from drug-related violations, charges of child abuse, exploitation and discrimination have already been filed against Roldan, and the two other males.

source: abs cbn news

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