This Boy's disease makes his Family Helpless,Until Someone touched and Help Him!


A boy from India who suffers from congenital myopathy had no chance of having a happy life. But good Samaritans do exist. A mother from Liverpool raised money for him to have an operation that could save his life.

Congenital myopathy is a disorder of the muscle that makes the body “floppy.” People with this disability will have trouble sitting up straight, breathing, and moving.

Mahendra Ahirwar, the boy with this extremely rare disease, is unable to walk, sit, and even hold his head up because of this disease.

Furthermore, due to his condition, he has become an outcast in his town in India. He has no friends, and the only people he says are his family members.

Unfortunately, his family lives in poverty, making them unable to afford basic medicine and the much needed surgery. His parents even admitted that they would rather let their son die than let him live a long life of suffering.

Fortunately, his story reached the United Kingdom and touched the heart of a mother of two from Liverpool. This good Samaritan named Julie Jones created an online crowd-funding page for Ahirwar.

'While everyone was looking to help, no one was actually doing anything. So there and then, I got out my laptop, found a crowd-funding website and created an account,’ Julie said.

Within 28 days, she was able to raise more than 12,000 euros for surgery.

Ahirwar was flown to Delhi where he received surgery from spinal surgeon Dr Rajagopalan Krishnan from Apollo Hospital.

The surgery was very risky – Dr Krishnan and his team had to operate his neck and leave the front of his cervical spine completely exposed.

After the surgery, Ahirwar was given an electric wheelchair and now is able to watch TV and play with his friends.

He will need to have regular check ups with Dr. Krishnan but his future is looking better than before

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