This Child's Eyes Bleed and Pop Out Of His Skull, Even His Parents Are Shocked!

STAFF 10:32 PM

One day four-year-old Sagar Dorji’s eyes just began bleeding and even popping out of his skull!
The blood clots and dries up on the little boys eyes.

“First, his eyes got swollen and looked bloodshot — then they started to come out of the socket and bleed.I don’t know whose curse has fallen upon us,” his mother reported

The parents immediately went to the hospital. But they were met with a new obstacle there: the doctors needed to run tests so they could determine the boy’s condition. The problem is that the tests cost about $156 to run, money the family doesn’t have.

Even though the doctors don’t have any answers on the boy’s condition, he has currently been moved to a state-run hospital where he is being treated for cancer.

However, the family isn’t satisfied with the treatment their child is receiving at the state-run facility.

“I have seen no improvement in his condition since he was brought to the Guwahati hospital last week,” said Sagar’s father.

However, for the time being he is left no other option but to accept the services of the state-run facility.

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