This Man Pretend To Be Disable Just To Earn Money Caught in Video-MUST WATCH!!


In a world where people compete for resources, there are people who are willing to go an extra mile of deceiving others to get what they want.

Stories of people taking advantage of someone's vulnerability is not strange to most of us. We've heard stories of people pretending to be agents of some production companies or modelling agencies but turn out to be organized syndicate groups who will lure people to give them money in exchange of a promised fame and glory.
They utter flowery words.They wear colorful costumes but the reality is dark.
In highly-populated cities of Metro Manila, you've probably encountered beggars asking for money day and night. Most of them beg for money claiming that they haven't eaten for the entire day. 
True enough, how they look physically will awaken certain emotions within you which will end up with you handing over a few extra cash to these people.
This video however will make you mad. At least the truth behind it.
A video featuring what appears to be a physically handicapped man begging for money has gone viral. The video started with the camera zeroing on the man with the voice in the background asking the "handicapped" man where his other leg is.
As the video focuses on what initially appeared to be a poor disabled man, the truth started to unfold. As it turns out, the man isn't really disabled. He is just hiding his other leg to look like a disabled man and get the sympathy of everyone who sees him who would eventually shell out some cash for him.
When the man who recorded the video asked the "disabled" man to show his other leg and persisted in doing so, the man revealed his modus and walked away from the area.


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