Trillanes Gave GENERAL BATO A Warning,Netizens Attack Trillanes HYPOCRISY!


“We were not trained by the (Philippine Military) Academy to do what’s wrong and illegal,” said Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to Philippine National Police chief Dir. Gen. Ronald “Bato” De la Rosa during the Senate inquiry on extrajudicial killings in the country on Monday.

While grilling De la Rosa on the spate of vigilante killings under his watch, Trillanes reminded his fellow alumnus that the prestigious military academy did not teach them to engage in anything illegal.

“Let’s just do the right thing. Alam natin kung ano ang tama. Hindi tayo tinrain sa academy to do what’s wrong and illegal (We know what is right. We weren’t trained in the academy to do what’s wrong and illegal),” Trillanes said.

De la Rosa is a member of PMA’s “Sinagtala” Class of 1986 while Trillanes came from “Marilag” Class of 1995.

The senator, who has been critical of President Duterte even before he was elected to office, also warned the police that Duterte will not always be there to protect them as his term would only last for six years.

“General, umiikot ‘yung mundo eh. Ngayon si Duterte naka-pwesto; eh malay natin ‘yung susunod na pwesto ang priority ay human rights at magconduct ng investigation, by then retired na kayo at nakatiwang-wang mga pulis,” Trillanes said

When honest to goodness investigations are opened, they need to be properly anwered. Otherwise, they will still be liable long after their commanders have already retired — the guarantee they had, “I’ll answer for you,” nothing will happen while they are in position. But they won’t have their position forever.

Rowena  Dapat tanggalin nalang ni mr president yan..bwisit yan si trillanes.

Allan Isa kng animal na hayok sa pera upang mas lalo pang dumami ang pera mo na galing sa sindikato at mas nanaisin mo pa na dumami ang mga parokyano ng illegal na drugs at tuloy tuloy sila makapagoperate ng illegal na drugs sa bansa

Alfred  Umiikot ang mundo baka sa susunod dika na rin senador...

Ocir  Eto ang SENADOR na hindi muna pinagIisipan n mga bagay n ginagawa nya n walang inisip kung hindi sariling interest...Ngayon ang panahon n magandang magtrabaho huwag p pigil sa pananakot n hunghang n SENADOR

Zacariel  Taong gonggong


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