VIDEO:Mysterious and SCARY Creatures Spotted in Real Life-terrifying!!!

STAFF 10:17 AM

Scientists believe that humans have not yet discovered many species of animals and creatures on Earth due to the planet’s vastness and unexplored corners and areas. Were some of these yet unidentified creatures been caught on video already?

Here is a compilation of some of the scariest and most mysterious videos of unidentified creatures encountered by people in real life. The world is indeed a mysterious place.

The first scary clip shows a concerned resident going to the woods to check on the weird noises the neighborhood has been complaining about. What he finds in the woods is a white ape-like creature which immediately took off as it sees the humans.

The last clip is the most terrifying of all the videos since the other mysterious creatures seem to be avoid interacting with humans. The creature in this scary video seems to want to chase and attack the people inside the vehicle. They encountered the terrifying figure as they were driving through a remote area. The passengers screamed their lungs out as the creature chased them on the road

watch the video:


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