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A video uploaded by one Mayuki Sichi on Facebook showed a man accosting a family with kids who were playing in the recreation area of the Gateway Heights Regency.

According to Sichi, they stayed for two days and one night at one of the units owned by a friend of her mother when they decided to have a ‘family bonding’ at the playground area.
In the clip, the man (identified by Sichi as a certain Mr. Baltazar) can be seen arrogantly berating the family for violating the rules and regulations of the building.“Ah hindi ka pala unit owner. Eh ano, tambay kayo dito?” asked the man in white top tank and black shorts, to which a woman replied they were there paying for the rent of one of the units.So you are not a unit owner? Then what are you doing here?]
“Ah tenant kayo. Kaya pala wala kayong book. Eh hindi n’yo pala alam ang rules and regulations kasi tenant lang kayo,” the man insisted.
Throughout the conversation, the man kept on insulting the group, and even accused them of possibly shortchanging the condo by leaving and not paying for the rent.But the woman kept her cool and tried to explain that she is a friend of one of the unit’s owner, but the man ignored her and even fired more insults.
Towards the end of the clip, the woman finally ran out of patience and asked the man to just leave them alone since they don’t want to start a fight, but the ‘arrogant’ unit owner insisted no one can tell him to leave because he lives there.
Unfortunately, too, the security personnel who witnessed the incident was unsuccessful in trying to pacify the man.

here's the video:
source: kicker daily

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