VIRAL:Senator Leila De Lima In BIKINI,Newspaper FrontPage Photo- Must See....


The photo of the Manila Times’ front page for today, Aug. 22, is going viral online for its inappropriate and disrespectful photo of the senator.
Photo screen grabbed from manila times.

 The photo showed Senator De Lima wearing a life jacket and a rainbow-colored bikini.

The captioned reads, “EXPOSED Leila de Lima, then secretary of Justice, is surrounded by her bodyguards during an outing in a Batangas resort.”

The photo is for its banner story “Love affair led to corruption” that delves into De Lima’s connections and transactions with drug syndicates inside the New Bilibid Prison during her time as Justice secretary.

Some netizens frowned on the choice of photo of Manilla Times, with one saying,
What's wrong here is that said picture has nothing to do with the drug allegations against her, and is being used to push the narrative that she is a promiscuous whore

Meanwhile, others said that nothing is wrong with the picture and continue to attack the senator.


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