WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH THIS PLANT: It Will Burn Your Skin and and You May Go Blind!!!

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It is a plant called giant hog weed. The plant has a beautiful flower, and grows from two to five meters high. However, it is extremely toxic, but if it gets into the eye will follow blindness, which generally cannot be treated.Giant hog weed sap contains toxic chemicals known as photo sensitizing furanocoumarins. 

When these chemicals come into contact with the human skin, it can cause a skin reaction that's extremely sensitive to light.
If you touch it on the other hand, it will bring you redness and itching to your skin.  Bubbles will start showing up as form of burns within 48 hours. They form black and purple scars that may last for several years.
As worst, this plant is difficult for destruction so this is why it needs to be avoided. This plant is widespread in Britain, in northeast and northwest America, Central and Eastern Canada and also can be found in Germany, France and Belgium.Giant hogweed is photo toxic plant
Its juice can cause fotodermatitis, which is severe inflammation of the skin when the skin is exposed to sun or UV- radiation. The presence of small amount of its herbal juice in the eyes can cause temporary or even permanent blindness.
Giant hogweed can be suppressed with:

  • Excavation
  • Chopping the flowers
  • Mowing
  • Rearranging land
  • Spraying
  • Grazing because the pigs and cattle can consume from this plant without any side effects.

If the skin comes into contact with this toxin you should act quickly to protect yourself from sunlight for a few days and wash yourself with antibacterial soap and cold water plus, you need to go and see doctor.
source: foods and healthy life

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