WARNING: Don't Eat Banana If You Find This-It Might Kill You!-here's why....


Bananas with dark spots contain essential nutrients,but be careful if that dark spots are natural or bitten by venomous insects.

When Maria Layton (43) opened this bag of bananas she brought from the supermarket, she was devastated. The bag was kept on the kitchen counter for the whole day before anyone opened it. After one day, she opened the bag and took one banana for her 6-year-old daughter, but saw that something was wrong here. While observing the banana she saw a giant spider cocoon over it.

She noticed a funny bit on the banana, thus she grabbed another piece and that is when she discovered the massive spider cocoon. She saw a spider web on the rest of the bananas. She complained at Tesco, and they offered a full refund, asking her to return the bananas for investigation.She saw the creepy thing at the right time, otherwise, it could have been poisonous to her family.

The spider which attacks bananas
This is the Brazilian wandering spider which released venom on the bananas. It can kill humans in only 2 hours, causing hours-long erection in the body.
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