WATCH: 74-year old Grandma,Dive to Catch coins Thrown by Passengers to earn for Living!


GMA Network’s documentary series “Front Row” episode entitled “Mga Barya ni Lola Maria (The Coins of Grandma Maria)”, touched so many hearts. The story oflola Maria has reached thousands of netizens, and is inspiring them in so many aspects.

Despite her age, lola Maria ‘works’ for her grandchildren. At the break of dawn, she usually uses her small boat to go to the Lucena pier and ask the ferry passengers to throw at her some money. This is when she shows her abilities: she dives for the money thrown into the water. She collects about P100-200 a day, just enough for a few kilos of rice, some coffee, and maybe a few eggs for ulam (food).

But since she has been doing this for years, her body is starting to falter. She noticed that she has a hard time breathing, especially when rising up from the waters and trying to get on the boat again. She loses coins as her eyesight is getting weaker by the day. She hopes that there will come a time that she doesn’t need to dive anymore, and run a small business instead.

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