WATCH: Caregiver Attacks and Abuse 94 year-old Woman!!


A shocking video has gone viral, showing a caregiver attacking and physically abusing a 94-year-old woman she was supposed to take care of.

After hearing a warning from a concerned neighbor, the daughter of the abused elderly woman in Argentina set up a security camera to check how the hired caregiver looks after her mother when she is away.
What she saw in the video shocked and outraged her. The footage shows the caregiver – who had been looking after the old woman for three years already – slapping, hitting, and kicking her elderly patient again and again.
The caregiver can also be seen pushing the head and grabbing the hair of the poor old lady. It turned out that the old woman has Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative condition which destroys a person’s ability to think, comprehend, and remember.
The daughter shared the video on social media to raise awareness about the abusive caregiver. She also reported the abuse to the police authorities.
Netizens were outraged with the caregiver, with many of them urging the police to punish the woman.
“I hope this has been shown to the local authorities and she's doing jail time now,” a netizen wrote.
However, some online users blamed the daughter for entrusting her mom’s safety to a stranger and for not spending more time with her in her final years.


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