WATCH: Laglag Barya Gang Modus,Caught In Cam!

STAFF 10:11 PM

A netizen posted a video of the notorious ‘Laglag Barya Gang’ in action.Snatcher and Thieves will really find such way to fool the attention of their target victim.

The incident took place in a common jeepney, 3 people worked together to get the girls purse.
The third person will act as if he accidentally dropped his spare change, and while picking up for his the coins, the unsuspected victim is forced to move to make way, this unconsciously made her go closer to the second person who’s right hand is cover by his back pack and the first person in his left covers most of his right arm.
At the end of the video the the second person successfully took the victims purse without her knowing it.
Watch the full video here:

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