"WATCH: Maharlika Calls De Lima "TUWAD QUEEN"-Here's Why....


A certain Maharlika called Senator Leila De Lima, “Tuwad Queen”, as she has been accused of drug trade connections and protecting the people involved.

Maharlika, on the video, expressed herself saying that De Lima and her “yellow army” colleagues are doing everything to have the support of the people who believes them.

She started by pointing the President Rodrigo Duterte, as being criticized for “catching smaller fishes” on his administration’s anti-drug campaign, saying that he already delivered a “barracuda” in the person of Senator De Lima.

Another thing that Maharlika mentioned is that if De Lima is not really involved in such allegations, she needs to speak up and tell the truth.

“Bakit hindi mo maamin sa sarili mo na hindi totoo yung sinasabi ni Mayor [President] Duterte? Puro ka press conference, puro kayo pagbi-brainwashing sa inyong mga kawawang followers.”
(Why can’t you tell to yourself that the things that Mayor [President] Duterte is saying? You’re more on press conferences, more on brainwashing our poor followers.]

Maharlika then stated that people wanted that the Senator would be sentenced in court.
“…Go ko po, nating lahat na makulong itong babaeng ito.”

She continued explaining and said that the reason why Filipinos are concerned about issues on drugs is because it destroys the future of younger Filipinos.

“Bakit concerned and taumbayan dito? Unang-una, involved sa droga, sinisira nila yung kinabukasan ng mga kabataan na mga Pilipino.” 

Again, Maharlika pointed out that is De Lima really is not involved in the accusations, then, she needs to explain on the court and not just press conferences.

She reiterated that the “Yellows” have been protecting the Senator before when Sandra Cam challenged her to file a libel case but, didn’t happened, according to Maharlika.

source: newsfeed   

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