WATCH:Paolo Ballesteros Make-up Transformation to KATE MIDDLETON Goes Viral Again!


As always, with the help of a wavy brunette wig, contact lenses, and extremely skillful contouring, the TV host-actor was able to morph into the Duchess of Cambridge.

He shared on his Instagram account the newest addition to his long list of make-up transformations and it also became viral.
Last July, Paolo caught the attention of international media with his spot on transformations into the women of the award-winning HBO show, “Game of Thrones”.
Philippine entertainment industry’s resident make-up transformation expert, Paolo Ballesteros shared on his official Youtube channel how he transformed into Kate Middleton.
All of these publications and websites were impressed with his amazing talent to transform himself into popular female celebrities.
His mother, Danielida Ballesteros, expressed her happiness over the attention that her son is getting because of his talent.
She commented in one of her son’s post, “Ganun tlaga! Inaacknowledge ang talent all over d world, so proud to be his mom.”
source: kicker daily

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