WATCH:Statue of Jesus in Church open its Eye-Left Paranormal Expert Puzzled !-Must See....

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Rachel Bishop mentioned in her article for Mirror Co UK that paranormal investigators were left puzzled after looking over a video which shows a statue of Jesus Christ opening its eyes while at a church in Mexico’s state of Coahuila de Zaragoza.

The video begins by showing an on-going church service in the background, then the camera focused on the statue of Jesus Christ on the cross. Suddenly, the statue seemed to slam its eyes shut in the eerie video clip.
Online users who watched the video clip are divided as some believed that the statue in the Chapel of Saltillo came to life, while others say it was merely an optical illusion or the video was doctored.
Ivan Escamilla, the site manager, and paranormal activity expert has crushed the rumors there is something “unusual” about the footage and claimed that the video was examined by experts.
Escamilla said more than 20 paranormal specialists, as well as priests, sculptors, editors and special effects designers, had already spent weeks analyzing the clip.
The site manager claimed that the footage was real and they found no proof it had been doctored.
However, officials from the Diocese of Saltillo has dismissed the footage and also refused to watch it.
The video, which was uploaded on August 3, was viewed more than 1.5 million times

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