Woman Submitted FAKE Documents Of Her Aunt's DeathTo Collect SSS Funeral Benefits.


 People now a days become genius on finding means to have a source of income easily.
But 'karma'still following them. You have to do good even if others are not doing it.

The court found Marilou V. Calado guilty of estafa through falsification of public documents including the death certificate of her aunt, barangay certification and funeral parlor receipt.

SSS Assistant Vice-President for Operations Legal Department Renato Jacinto S. Cuisia said Calado had obtained a death certificate bearing the name of her aunt, Pilar M. Valdez, from the Local Civil Registrar in Calasiao, Pangasinan, whom she claimed to have died of pulmonary tuberculosis.
With the fake death certificate, Calado managed to get from the office of the barangay captain a certification attesting that a wake was held in the barangay.
Calado filed the funeral benefit claim with the SSS branch in Dagupan City for Valdez’s faked death in June 2004 by submitting the falsified documents, including a receipt from a funeral parlor showing that she shouldered the burial expenses of her aunt.
The RTC found Calado guilty “For violating Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code”, and was ordered to serve an imprisonment of eight years and one day up to ten years, eight months and one day. She was also ordered to pay back the P20,000 funeral grant from SSS, with a legal interest of six percent per annum.
source: kicker daily

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