A 16 Year-Old Student Committed Suicide Due to INFINITE BOY BAND?Here's Why!

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 Teens are going crazy and mostly focus their time idolizing their favorite boy bands.

On September 1, the Suncheon Police Department reported a, "16-year-old high school student A who committed suicide by jumping off of an apartment on the 30th of last month."
The reason behind her untimely death is due to the fact that her parents scolded her for cutting classes to receive a package containing stickers of her favorite boy group, B.
A left a message on her SNS prior to her suicide, saying, "Bye, I appreciated everyone. I am so sad that I have to leave like this even before I get to hear their new song. I was so desperate [for the new song]... I am foolishly leaving without keeping my promise. Bye, everyone. Thank you for everything."
Some netizens think that the girl is a fan of boyband Infinite since the male group is coming back on Sept. 19. However, this has not been confirmed. Meanwhile, other commenters bashed the girl by saying that she got depressed with what her parents did when her parent want her to focus on her studies.
source: kami.com

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