Aiza Seguerra and Wife Liza Decides To Postpone Conceiving Their First Born..


 Aiza Seguerra and his wife Liza Diño shared on Instagram that they’ve decided not to push through with the vitro fertilization (IVF), ultimately postponing their plans on conceiving a child of their own.

To appease the curious minds of their followers, Seguerra explained that it will be hard for the both of them to leave the country since they were both appointed in government positions.

He also did not hide one of their main concerns which was the cost of the procedure. They admitted that they were not ready to produce that amount of money for now.

It wasn’t all bad news for the duo since Diño’s daughter, Amara, greeted them with a humorous comics. A dialogue which says ‘Our baby is 1m pesos?’ and ‘Money is nothing, love is everything’ made the couple smile.

At the end of his post, he clarified that they would still attempt to undergo IVF when they’ve both saved up enough money.

 The egg cells would be coming from the singer who came out as a transgender in 2014 while the actress would be the surrogate mother.

IVF is one method for same-sex couples to conceive a child of their own even if there isn’t a 100% guarantee of pregnancy right away. In IVF, a woman’s egg will be fertilized outside her body and will be implanted in her womb.


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