Baste Duterte Reply to Alleged Insensitive Post Of Chug About Davao Bombing!


Chris Chug in a Facebook post, said that security checkpoints should have been set up days before the bloody incident since Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte had been informed about it.

Chug went on to say: “It’s too late. If you cuntttttt (sic) protect your own baluarte, good luck on pacifying Metro Manila. It’s such a filthy naughteyyyyy metropolis. Not a fan of this brand. #SorryNotSorry #PrayForDavaoButNotFortheTards
Baste Duterte’s ‘Facebook page’ reposted the comment saying “Very very heartless comment from Chris Chug. Ganito pala mag-isip ang mga disente.” Duterte’s post has been shared nearly 17 thousand times since it was posted and has gone viral on several pages since.
However, the said Facebook page is not verifiedand it seems as if it was created by Baste’s fans. The young Duterte has more than 10 Facebook pages to his name.

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