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This serves as a warning not only  to OFW’s abroad but also all woman, to be very keen when checking possible camera’s inside private areas like your room or the comfort area.

This OFW in Hong Kong has been victimized by rude employer.
The Filipina house help and employer, Tam Wing-wui, 45, were both left at home when the family of the employer went out for a vacation. Just when the Filipina was about to take a shower, the employer interrupted saying that he wants to go first. So the Filipina waited for her turn. When it was her turn to take a shower, she noticed something in the wall, clipped beneath the shower rack.
She wasn’t able to recognize it so she continued to take a shower. The Filipina was left alone in the house after her employer went out to join his family.
The Filipina was able to explore the room of her employer and noticed an object similar to what she saw in the bathroom before taking a shower. That time, she realized that it’s actually a tool used to capture video recordings.
The Filipina house help (which was not named), alerted the police authorities about the matter and they were able to trace the location of the employer. The defendant stayed silent about the matter but later on, he admitted to seeing live footage of the Filipina taking a shower using the pinhole camera installed in the bathroom.
The defense counsel said that Tam was very remorseful about what he did and promised to never let the incident happen again. Everything was due to impulse, they said.
But Ernest Lin, Principal Magistrate, wasn’t convinced to that. According to him, the installation of pinhole camera and connecting it to a mobile phone app is never an act of impulse.
source: kwentong ofw

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