BEWARE: Model Turned Into Halloween Character after The Failed P500 Nose Job!


He only wanted to look good as before but sadly it turned out the reverse.

Ellowe Alviso ask for help after the result of his nose job seen to be failed, not only his face was damaged but also his career and his source of income being a model.
He used to work at modeling agencies way back then when his face was still appealing. Due to his wish to develop his asset more, he underwent a nose job. It was done by a supposed beautician.
The suspect identified Euge Edward Udangan as the one responsible for his failed nose job.He sued the said suspect for messing up not only his nose but also his chin.
According to Alviso, Udangan injected a collagen solution into his nose for P500 ($10.71). Aside from the nose job, Alviso also had a cleft chin job.
It was successful and Alviso was offered more projects. Nevertheless, two years after, he observed how his chin and nose deformed. All his modeling projects disappeared.
He later found that the solution injected to him was a mixture of petroleum jelly, wax, and sealant after he went to check a doctor.
Alviso requested for Udangan’s assistance to help him with the hospital bills. The latter, on the onter hand, refused and allegedly threatened to kill Alviso.
''Minura ako, binantaan ang buhay ko, sinisiraan ko daw siya,'' Alviso said referring to the transgender woman who performed his chin and nose job.
Alviso now sells “balut” for a living since the end of his modeling vocation.
He also shared that he portrays a Halloween character during events.

Meanwhile, authorities are now searching for Udangan.

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