Cop Tells Police Around The World A POWERFUL Message Before Being Executed!


A Russian police officer became a hero after he refused to yield to terrorists demanding he tell police to stop fighting. Magomed Nurbagandov, 31, gives his captors a chilling stare and says into the camera: “Keep working, brothers,” before being executed.

Nurbagandanov and his cousin were out camping in the woods of Dagestan when they were captured by terrorists.
When the terrorists found the officers police identification they decided to punish the men. The captors grabbed out their phones and began recording and making demands.
The terrorists forced the officers to their knees and murdered Magomed’s cousin in front of his eyes.
After that they told Magomed to tell fellow officers on camera to quit their jobs, to which he replied defiantly: “Keep working, brothers. I have nothing to add.”
The brave policeman was shot in the head for his words.
The terrorists published an edited version of the video and were having a laugh at the deaths of the police officers.
However, the four terrorists were killed in two separate police raids last week and the policemen discovered the full version of the videos in the terrorists’ outposts.
When the police saw Magomed’s last message they decided to make him a national hero and give him a posthumous award.
A spokesperson for the Russian Interior Ministry said: "In days to come, the leadership of the ministry will meet with Magomed Nurbagandov’s family to personally thank his parents for bringing up such a decent son."

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