Due To "GAYUMA" OFW May Face Deportation or Be In Jail!


A Pinay OFW  from Saudi Arabia may face either deportation, jail time or 50 lashes for allegedly possessing a magic potion or “gayuma”.

A video was uploaded as the OFW being interrogated by her employer.
A man’s voice in the background will be heard asking for her name.
She then answers stating her name and saying that -” I bring the magic for the family and I put in the food and water.”
The employer again raised a question asking her when did she arrive in Saudi Arabia
“August 18, 2016 ” she responded.
Another man speaking in Arabic was seen in the video showing the paraphernalia that was sequestered from the Pinay OFW.
An object found in the alleged gayuma kit was a mineral water bottle containing murky liquid.
According to the netizens who made comments on the video, magic spells or any form of sorcery is “haram’ or prohibited in the Islam religion.
It was said that this Pinay OFW did not bring the ” gayuma” with her, but prepared it herself while in her employer’s house. She was caught by her employer’s child in the act of putting it in the food. The Pinay OFW did not deny this when she was interrogated by her employer.

here's the video uploaded by Shariffa Roses

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