"For The First Time,We Have A President That Is Fighting For His People-Dave Jonathan Lamar


Undeniably despite the issues being thrown to Pres. Duterte still more supporters are behind him not only filipino's but even outside the Philippines.

Dave Jonathan Lamar is a half Filipino, half American. He was born in Lucena City but was raised in Sariaya. His heart belongs to the Philippines.

Growing up, all he remembered was the government being despised by its Filipino citizens. But, there are valid reasons. For example,  the government was supposed to protect and help its people but they do the exact opposite, leaders are the ones taking the hard earned money to fatten up their bank accounts.

Since the new government, his mindset was changed. People are now respecting the leaders that was elected. He talked to taxi drivers, fishermen, farmers, our neighbors in our barangay and just everyday common people and they all share the same sentiments about President Duterte.

Duterte may come off as rough and uses inappropriate language that we are not used to but Dave realized how genuinely passionate the president is towards his people.  A president who hurts when his people hurt. Who doesn't hide behind the security of a TelePrompTer or speech writer. Who is fighting the criminals that have ruled this country for decades. Yes, drug lords and politicians! Who's love and sincerity for this country is undeniable!

"For the first time we have a president that is fighting for his people and is trying to instill the pride that has long been stolen from us." he said.

And yes, Obama was not on Duterte's corner but there are millions of AMERICANS that hate Obama because he's the complete opposite of Duterte. Obama might be clean cut, well-spoken and classier than Duterte but actions speak louder than any flowery or colorful word you can utter. Duterte is trying to persuade us to forget our mindset that "America is always the answer". Instead we should start having pride in our own country, our own lands, our own people!

 For the first time there is a leader and president that Ihe finally respect. Mr. President, thank you for everything you do for the Filipino people! I know you're not perfect, but your actions clearly speak louder than any curse word you utter.

source: rodrigoduterteph.com

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