G TONGI ON DUTERTE:Innocent People are Dying Without Due Process in PH!

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G Tongi an actress and TV Host expressed her disappointment to Present Administration in regards to war on drugs issue,as she hashtag her caption with "#whatashame' and told people to leave if they were going to comment "ignorant" and "hateful" remarks.

In her instagram account she posted a screenshot of LA Times issue about the controversy between 
Pres. Duterte and US Pres. Obama, where Obama decided to cancelled the meeting allegedly due to Duterte's foul mouth.

The actress was bashed online by Duterte's supporters regarding her post.

"@potus cancels meeting with #D30 #LaTimes #whatashame If you are going to leave ignorant & hateful remarks, get off my wall! #losers," she posted.

Her post was flooded with many advertising remarks from supporters of Duterte that eventually led to brief word wars, pushing her to block several netizens.

"I am Flabbergasted by people's ignorance.Do you understand that a President of any country needs to be diplomatic instead of cursing? Innocent people are dying by the thousands without due process in the Philippines!

source: tnp

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