HEARTBREAKING : This Is The Real President That The Media Trying To Hide!!-Must Watch!

STAFF 10:19 AM

The so called yellowtards, media, CBCP and CHR join all together to speak up against the President, and trying to hide whats the real sacrifice and intent of our beloved President.

The bloody issue against war on drugs is creating negative image to President Duterte, that is being used as weapon by his enemy.

But, the trust of his supporters are still solid and  willing to support him until his last term. The change that he promise when he was a candidate before , he's now fulfilling it and we feel the change.

The cinemotion digital film compiled and create a video to show the real President that is being hide by media through out his months term.

source: socialpees

watch the video: credit to Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte FB Page


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