How True, VP LENI Calls OFW's STUPID for Not Voting Her During The Election?-Watch!


Vice President Leni Robredo whom a VP candidate from Liberal Party now facing issues regarding her duties and responsibilities being the second in command after our Pres.

Several issues are now being tackled on her 60 days in service, what are her accomplishment as being compared to a widely campaign of Pres. Duterte against illegal Drugs with a lot of surrenderees.

Pres. Duterte give her a post as HUDCC Chair. but how far she goes being the chairman? is what the people trying to know, instead of seeing her and always spotted outside the Philippines.

A video posted from a blog site  caught the netizens attention as the VP called OFW Stupid for not voting her during the election and made them angered,but how true that the video recorded really tell the truth.

Here's the video, watch and listen and be the one to judge if she really meant to say that "Stupid" Word to our OFW.


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