LOOK: VP ROBREDO Was Allegedly BUSY Partying While The Nation Is Mourning!!?


After the Davao Bombing, VPLeni Robrebo was allegedly busy partying while the nation is mourning.

Pres. Duterte is facing many issue to end the killing in the country. But many of the Filipinos are asking, “where is the Vice President of the Philippines?”
One of the Netizens furiously posted some revealing photos of the VP Leni Robredo in a party by saying, “she is indeed partying while the nations mourns in the wake of the Davao City blast.”
According to a report, the Vice President of the country attended the birthday bash of a classmate of her somewhere in Alabang.
Some of the concerned fans of the vice president defended her by claiming that the party happened a day before the Davao City Bombing.
Furthermore, the supporters of the Vice President defended her but one of the netizens posted a screenshot of the alleged proofs that indeed Leni Robredo’s supporters was lying.Many of the netizens reacted to the photos of the Vice president while Partying.
Here are some of the reactions of the netizens on Facebook to the viral photos of the Vice president who alleged partying.

“So if this is true, while Davao burns, and the President is busy ministering to the wounded and the orphaned, and while social media and the social fabric is being rent asunder by engaged partisans from both sides, Mrs. Robredo was busy partying. How nice.”
“Nag saya saya sila at rejoicing kasi they know it is coming hehehehehe nag party party tapos nag davao din after para sa pictorial with the victims in the hospital, kasi dapat makita ng UN at USA that she is very concerned about the incident and the victims at hindi lang puro party party hehehehe….”
Another netizens comment to the viral photos of the vice president by saying, “Sarap ng buhay ng lola paparty party na lng….remember KARMA is around the corner VP Robredo.”

According to the furious netizens who posted the Photos of the vice president, said that While the President poured over security details with his staff and took the time to visit the victims and investigate the bombing site, the VP was allegedly busy partying with her former schoolmates.
source: philnews

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