Mysterious OLD WOMAN Warned People Before Explosion Happened At Davao Night Market!!


A mysterious old woman in black who beg coins give  warning to the shopper before the explosion happened in Davao Night Market, survivor narrated.

According to them, the old woman came asking for some coins for her child's medication and afterwards warn them to go home for an earthquake soon may come.

Not only one netizen witnessed and heard the warning given by an old woman. Karl, Rexcel ,Kimberly and Lanie, all shared same stories.

Although there's no proof about the statement of an old woman,but authorities believed she can help in the on going investigation.

Some wouldn't believed about the story, but maybe the old woman overheard the plans and if proven true, she can be a great help to solved the issue.

here are their Fb posts:

source: trending news portal


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