New Study Says Men Should Avoid Keeping Phones In Pockets-Here's The Reason Why!!


A new study shows a conclusive evidence that men, in particular, should look for another place to put their cell phones, an article written by Ben Hayward for unilad.

Following a systemic review of 21 research papers about radiation, the researcher found that phones placed close to a man’s genitals for a prolonged period of time steadily drive down sperm count.
Among the existing studies, many suggest that the surviving sperm could be DMA-damaged.
Previously, the biological phenomenon was under fierce debate and scientists have no way to explain how non-ionizing radiation influences the body. Without the direct link, many public health investigators are hesitant to say definitively that cell phones harm sperm.
However, a new review by a team at Australia’s University of Newcastle has organized the years of evidence in an attempt to both emphasize the trend and to identify potential causes.
“While this subject remains a topic of active debate, this review has considered the growing body of evidence suggesting a possible role for RF-EMR [radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation] induced damage of the male germ line,” the authors wrote in the study.
“In a majority of studies, this damage has been characterized by loss of sperm motility and viability as well as the induction of ROS generation and DNA damage,” the authors added.
Among the 27 studies, 21 of them showed a causal link between cell phone radiation and sperm damage. Ten studies were examined including 1,492 human sperm samples.
“In this line of research more intense cell phone radiation leads to more sperm damage,” he added.
Perhaps, it is simply better to heed the warning than be sorry.

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