This Helpless Girl was Violently Beaten by Group Of Students From Olongapo City!


A video uploaded on Facebook showing students engaged in a catfight went viral on social media and has left netizens inflamed.

A video posted on Facebook shows a group of students in Olongapo, City beating one girl in the streets. Some bystanders tried to stop the commotion but the group continued to beat the girl. Some students punched and kicked the girl while others pulled her hair.
The girl was pushed down to the ground and that's when the group cornered her. The group of students and the girl who was being beaten were wearing different uniforms.
Netizens condemned the video and the violent act of the students involved. Some were extremely enraged while others demanded a penalty for the students.
One Facebook user said: “I don't usually comment sa mga ganito pero eto nakakapanggigil. Kahit ano pang story behind sa away nila hindi dapat ganian na pinagtulungan pa nila yun bata. May mga tiga Columban, ano ginagawa nila, WALA! Nganga lang, nanunuod lang din knowing na college sila tapos mga high school lang yan hindi nila awatin. Jusko po!”
The video already gained more than 800,000 views and more than 10,000 shares on Facebook.

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