This Young Couple Did Something To Their Unborn Baby That Will Make You Anger!!


A young couple shared their pregnancy results in social media before and after the said abortion was done,earned negative comments from netizens.

The said facebook account has not been confirmed whether it was hacked or not.
The said couple uploaded the first photo of pregnancy test with positive result, the father admitted that he was not yet ready to be a father  and asked an advice regarding abortion.
He wrote, “Pero paano ba mag-agas ng bata? Parang di pa ako ready. Ano ba pwedeng ipainom para matunaw? Suggest please.”
[How do you abort a child? I think I’m not yet ready. What should be taken (referring to drugs or substances) to remove it? Please suggest.]
Meanwhile, the second photo uploaded showed a seemingly rejoicing couple and a pregnancy test with a negative test result.
In the caption,the guy wrote: “Yes, thanks Lord natanggal na namin yong bata ehheh. Negative na siyaGagawa na ulit kami ng bago hahahaha.”
Netizens then give their opinion and expresses anger towards the couple, the photos was first shared at Tambayan Ni Berto's Facebook Page.
source: the daily Pedia

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