Trillanes Tells Duterte TO SHUT UP AND DO MORE INTEL WORKS!-Here's Why!!


Sen. Trillanes give his sides regarding the declaration of a state of lawlessness by Pres. Duterte in relation to the bombing incident happened in Davao City, were 14 killed and 60 estimated wounded.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes is hopeful that the bomb attack at a night market in Davao City Friday night was loud enough to knock some sense into President Rodrigo Duterte to cut short his anti-drugs rhetoric and do more intelligence work.
In a statement , Trillanes said: “The terrorist attack in Davao is a grim reminder that the illegal drug problem is not the biggest and definitely not the only national security threat to our country.”
For the last two months, Duterte’s speeches have sounded like a loop tape on the urgency of carrying out an all-out war against illegal drugs that he insisted was the country’s biggest problem.
Aside from being wrong on pinpointing the country’s main problems, Trillanes said that Duterte erred in his reaction to the bomb attack.
“The declaration of state of lawlessness is not warranted at this time. What is needed is less big talking and more serious intel work,” said Trillanes.
source: now reader

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