Woman Burned Alive by Drunk Husband in Negros Oriental!

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After a heated argument of couple from Negros Oriental,A woman in her late 50s was burned alive by her common-law husband.

It was on Thursday night when the neighbors saw the couple’s makeshift hut in flames. However, nobody knew the victim, known as  Quinekes, was inside the hut and also in flames.
The couple lived in Barangay Calangag, Bacong. The suspect, known as Calixtro Bangayciso Villanobos, was intoxicated when the incident happened.
According to initial reports, the couple went to the town proper to buy some supplies for their humble abode. After which, they decided to drink some liquor in the market using the small amount they earned from selling sand and gravel, and it all started with an argument ,but the reason still unknown.
By the time they went home, around 3 p.m., both of them were already drunk. Then, just a few moments later, the two got into a heated argument.
A few minutes later, the makeshift hut made of coconut fronds was already in flames.
Senior Insp. Romel Luga, acting police chief of Bacong, said responding local authorities arrived at the scene and found the woman already on fire at 5:30 pm.

Luga furthermore said that Villanobos was sitting on a rock nearby when they arrived.
He is now detained at Bacong local police station and has admitted to setting his common-law wife on fire due to her constant nagging.
Villanobos will face charges in court for murder and for violating the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act of 2004.

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