By Riding In Carabao They Ordered Food At JOLLIBEE DRIVE THRU-WATCH THE VIDEO!


Most of us love Jolliibee, not only  kids but also the whole family during free time and family time.

A funny video was uploaded showing a group of hungry Filipinos ordering food at the new Jollibee’s drive-thru at Teresa, Rizal catches the online community.

The video starts with a shot of the Jollibee fast food restaurant branch at Teresa.
A few moments later, a group of locals composed of an adult and several children riding a carabao goes to the Jollibee drive-thru and order their desired food.
Many netizens found the video extremely surprising and funny.
“Makabili nga rin ng kalabaw! Ganiyan na rin gagawin ko wala kasing pambili ng sasakyan,” a netizen said.
Some netizens also expressed their disappointment because the carabao seemed to be struggling while carrying and dragging the weight of the locals.
“Kawawa naman ang dami pang sakay. Alagaan mo yang karabao mo manong laking tulong na yan sa pangkabuhayan mo,” a social media user said.
The drive thru service of the Jollibee is not only for those who have wheels,proven by this group of people.

WATCH THE VIDEO:credit to Pinoy Viral Video

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