How True-Agot Isidro Having a Video With Alleged DrugLord BF to be shown to Senate??


Agot Isidro put herself in a hotseat last Sunday by Posting a negative post to President Duterte calling him a Psychopath and need a professional help.

That post went viral and made Duterte Supporters in angered. Actress was being bashed by netizens although she received a sympathy from other netizens and co artist such as Cherry Pie Picache.

A blog post just this morning catches my attention as they claim there is a video of actress Agot Isidro with different footages together with her alleged boyfriend, they called to be a drug lord.

They stated a video tape  will be presented to the senate, as her boyfriend is included in President's list of drug related activities.

The alleged druglord boyfriend of an actress was named Alexandro.

How true the allegations of the actress connection to illegal Drugs? the authenticity of the said video was not yet verified. The actress is known to be single, how true the issues thrown against her?

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